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Mini-Battery of Achievement

CATEGORY: Achievement

AUTHOR: Richard W. Woodcock, Kevin McGrew, Judy Werder, 1994

RANGE: Age 4.0 to Adult


The Mini-Battery of Achievement (MBA) is designed to give you more than other brief achievement tests or screens for the same investment of time:

  • broader coverage of the skills included in each achievement area
  • normed for use of a wide age range
  • includes a computer scoring and reporting program that generates all scores and a brief narrative

The MBA has four subtests: Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Factual Knowledge. Each of the four subtests can be administered and scored independently of the others. However, examiners interested in an overall achievement score, can combine the Reading, Writing and Mathematics scores to obtain a Basic Skills Cluster score.

The MBA is intended for use with children, adolescents and adults and can be completed in 20-30 minutes. Each subtest can be completed in approximately 5-10 minutes. Test items are presented in an easy-to-follow easel test book format, containing directions for testing and scoring.

Scores can be generated almost immediately following the test due to an exciting new innovation in scoring introduced in the MBA. This computer program prints a one-page narrative report summarizing all test results in a matter of seconds.

Uses of the MBA:

  • Intake screening of new clients in pediatric, geriatric, psychological, medical, behavioural, and other clinical settings
  • Initial screening of new students in educational settings
  • Screening for special education referrals
  • Screening for vocational, rehabilitation, and occupational training programs
  • Employee hiring and job placement decisions
  • Research


(Cdn. $)

January 2009 -- the MBA is going out of print.  Please consider the new kits for Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, Form B or Form C.

NOTE:  Test Records for the MBA are in limited supply and will not be reprinted.    
MBA Test Records with Subject Worksheets (Pkg. 25) 9-22012 $63.75

Prices are in effect January 2, 2009.