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WJ III Tests of Achievement, Form B, with Normative Update

Authors: Richard W. Woodcock, Kevin S. McGrew, and Nancy Mather, 2001, 2007



Ages: 2.0 to 90+ years



Grades: K.0 to graduate school



Administration Time: Varies; about 5 minutes per test; Achievement Standard 11 tests (55-65 minutes)



Scores: SS; GE; AE; PR; RMI; instructional ranges; developmental level bands


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The WJ III Tests of Achievement are divided into two batteries - the Standard and Extended. The Standard Battery includes tests 1 through 12 that provide a broad set of scores. The 10 tests in the Extended Battery provide more in-depth diagnostic information on specific academic strengths and weaknesses. Examiners can administer the Standard Battery either alone or with the Extended Battery.


The WJ III Tests of Achievement include:


  • 7 new tests
  • 8 new clusters
  • 4 oral language tests
  • Expanded broad achievement clusters with 3 tests to measure basic skills, fluency, and application
  • A revised procedure for evaluating intra-achievement discrepancies that now includes oral language
  • Expanded reading tests containing more items to measure early reading performance





Eligibility Determination

Practitioners can now use the WJ III Tests of Achievement to help assess students for learning disabilities and to determine if they are eligible for special services. The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is legislation that defines the terms under which students may be declared eligible for special services. IDEA defines learning disability as a severe discrepancy between intellectual ability and achievement in one or more areas.


Oral Expression
Oral Expression
Listening Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Written Expression
Written Expression
Basic Reading Skills
Basic Reading Skills
Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Mathematics Calculation
Mathematics Calculation Skills
Mathematics Reasoning
Math Reasoning



The WJ III Tests of Achievement include clusters that directly parallel these IDEA areas and provide sound procedures for determining discrepancies between a student's abilities and achievement in each area.


Practitioners now can get interpretive information from 19 test cluster scores to help measure performance levels, determine educational progress, and identify strengths and weaknesses. The Standard Battery provides 10 cluster scores. The Extended Battery provides 9 additional cluster scores.



Diagnostic Capabilities Increased with New Fluency Measures

The importance of fluency, often referred to as automaticity, in academic tasks has been recognized for some time. How automatic is the process of identifying words, recalling math facts, or writing? If all of an individual's information-processing resources are used for decoding words, for example, he or she may have little, if any, resources left for comprehending the passage.



The WJ III Tests of Achievement offers three tests of fluency: Reading Fluency, Math Fluency, and Writing Fluency. A new cross-academic cluster, Academic Fluency, comprised of these three tests represents an overall index of academic fluency.




Oral Language/Achievement Discrepancy Procedure Now Available in the WJ III Tests of Achievement

Ability/achievement discrepancy is the most common method used for determining eligibility for special programs. The WJ III provides several options for calculating ability/achievement discrepancies. For the first time, an ability/achievement discrepancy can be calculated by using only the WJ III Tests of Achievement.



The oral language tests, formerly in the cognitive battery, are now part of the achievement battery. The Oral Language cluster is used as the "ability" score and is then compared to the achievement clusters. In this scenario, the individual's oral language ability becomes the predictor of his or her academic achievement.



The WJ III Tests of Achievement include five oral language tests: Story Recall, Understanding Directions, Picture Vocabulary, Oral Comprehension, and Story Recall-Delayed. Various combinations of these tests create the following clusters: Oral Language-Standard, Oral Language-Extended, Listening Comprehension, and Oral Expression. The Oral Language-Extended cluster, the broadest measure of the ability, is used in the ability/achievement discrepancy calculation.




Audio CD

The WJ III Audio CD contains the complete audio portions of the Woodcock-Johnson III and are ideal for test administrators who prefer to use a CD instead of a cassette. This CD offers a convenient way to administer portions of the WJ III that require audio recordings.


NOTE: The WJ III can be scored with either the WJ III Compuscore and Profiles Program (WCPP) software (included in each kit) or with the Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Intervention Program (WIIIP), available separately.


Various WJ III Training materials are also available.




(Cdn. $)

WJ III Achievement Battery Form B without Case
(includes Form B Standard & Extended Test Books, Canadian pages, Examiner's Manual, Examiner's Training Workbook, Audio Recording, 25 Test Records and 25 Subject Response Booklets, WCPP Scoring Software [Windows and Mac],  Technical Manual, Scoring Guides)

WJ III Achievement Battery Form B with Carrying Case
(includes components listed above, plus  one large carrying case with wheels and telescopic handle)
WJ III Achievement Form B Test Records and Subject Response  Booklets (Pkg. 25 each)
WJ III Audio CD for Tests of Achievement
Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Intervention Package (WIIIP) including software


Prices are in effect April 3, 2014.

Notes about Form A of the WJ III ACH

WJ III ACH is available in two forms, Form A and Form B -- Form B includes Canadian Pages to update selected tests for use in Canada (e.g., metric math, Canadian coins) and Form B is the most-widely-used form of WJ III ACH in this country.  In a few cases (e.g., some hospital settings or research projects) both forms of WJ III ACH are in use -- Form A of the achievement tests is available only by special order, and has U.S. references in some of the test items.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.