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Nelson Education > Assessment > Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery - Revised

Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery - Revised

CATEGORIES: Ability, Achievement, Speech and Language

AUTHOR: Richard W. Woodcock

RANGE: Ages 2 to Adult

TIME: 20 to 60 minutes


The Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery - Revised (WLPB-R) provides an overall measure of English language proficiency (oral and written languages plus reading).

Oral language subtests include:
  • Memory for Sentences
  • Picture Vocabulary
  • Oral Vocabulary
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Verbal Analogies
Reading subtests include:
  • Letter-Word Identification
  • Passage Comprehension
  • Word Attack
  • Reading Vocabulary
Written language subtests include:
  • Dictation
  • Writing Samples
  • Proofing
  • Writing Fluency
Scores obtained include age scores, grade scores, instructional ranges, percentile ranks, standard scores, and relative mastery indexes. Scores are available for punctuation/capitalization, spelling usage, and handwriting.

Other scores obtained include Broad English Ability, Oral Language Ability, Broad Reading Ability, Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Broad Written Language, Basic Written Language Skills, Written Expression, and Intra-English Discrepancies.


The Complete Test includes Test Book, Audiocassette, 25 Test Records, 25 Subject Response Booklets, Examiner's Manual, Norms Tables.

(Cdn. $)
Complete WLPB-R Test 9-21668 $629.50
Test Records & Subject Response Booklets (Pkg. of 25 each) 9-21651 $126.00
Details on WSIP.
Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program for Windows (WSIP) 9-20952 $809.00
Woodcock Scoring & Interpretive Program for Macintosh (WSIP) 9-20958 $809.00
Woodcock Compuscore & Profiles Program for Windows 9-20705 $450.00
Woodcock Compuscore & Profiles Program for Macintosh 9-20712 $450.00

Prices are in effect January 2, 2009.